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Casino Party People started in 2005. Our first paid party was a Fundraiser for the Children of Ugana put on by Jeremy Sankwitch. We have been providing fundraiser services ever since. We quickly moved into home and holiday business parties and grew from there.

We believe that anyone who is thinking of gambling should try it first with no money at risk and with the understanding of all aspects of the game. 

We have been gambling since 1997 and have come to love games and their challenges.  During these years we have come to understand casino games and their risks by practicing and studying them.   

I first started playing theses games using casino video games.  I was able to learn games I had never even seen before.  I placed bets and played the games until I knew the reason for each bet winning or losing.

After meeting my wife, she convinced me that using video games does not always portray real world events like rolling dice.  We decided to make our own craps table to better mimic real craps play.  Using a craps layout and some home casino chips, we practiced craps for hours.   We paid ourselves the amounts a real casino would pay which allowed us to study the game from a more real world perspective without risking any money. 

Since then we have been experimenting with many strategies and figured out which bets are best for the player.  Our home practice has made us better players at the casinos and I know we are playing with the full understanding of how the game is played.

Chris & Katherine Cartwright
Owners of Casino Party People